Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the Spiraling to Wellness!

    • Welcome to the S2W Portal

    • Before we begin...

    • Please Introduce Yourself!

    • Storm Resources

  • 02

    January- Choose

    • Introducing our theme with Kristin

    • Guided Meditation {Choosing to Begin again} with Kristin

    • Powerful Questions by Eileen

    • A Choice- Moving from Zero to One (Healing Words by Nikki)

    • Book Recommendations from John

    • Healthy Eating Tips with Terri

    • Sweet & Savory Winter Recipes

    • Clearing Ritual

    • Chair with a Twist with Dana

    • This Month on Spotify

    • Spiraling Meeting- First Thursday at 7pm

    • Stay Inspired!

  • 03

    February- Accept

  • 04

    March- Rebound

  • 05

    April- Dream

    • Intro to our theme of the month

    • Powerful Questions by Eileen

    • Dream playlist

    • Our dreamy pose of the month ... Boat with Dana

    • A Dreamy Meditation by Shannon

    • A Dream of Wholiness (Healing Words by Nikki)

    • Foods to help you DREAM & Sleep better by Terri

    • Dreamy Recipes by Terri

    • Dreamy Books (recommended by John)

  • 06

    May- Believe

  • 07

    June- Emerge

  • 08

    July- Heal

    • An Introduction to our Theme (with Kristin)

    • Powerful Questions by Eileen

    • Pose of the Month- Hand to Big Toe (with Dana)

    • A Healing Meditation (with Dan D.)

    • Heal (Healing Words by Nikki)

    • Ayurvedic Healing Foods (by Terri)

    • Healing Recipes (by Terri)

    • Healing Books (recommended by John)

    • Heal Playlist (by Kristin)

  • 09

    August- Integrate

    • Intro to Integrate (with Kristin)

    • Integrating Powerful Questions (by Eileen )

    • Pose of the Month (Warrior 1 with Dana)

    • Integration Meditation (with Kristin)

    • Integrate (Healing Words from Nikki)

    • Book Recommendations (by John)

    • Make your Own Smoothie Bowl

    • Integrate Playlist (by Kristin)

  • 10

    September- Expand

    • Intro to our theme (with Kristin)

    • Expanding with Powerful Questions (by Eileen)

    • Expand (Healing Words with Nikki)

    • Expanding Book Recommendations (by John)

    • Pose of the Month (Warrior II with Dana)

    • Expand Meditation (with Dan)

    • Expand playlist (by Kristin)

  • 11

    October- Flourish

  • 12

    November- Unite

    • Intro to Unite with Kristin

    • Powerful Questions by Eileen

    • United we Flourish (Healing Words by Nikki)

    • Unite Fall Foods by Terri

    • Sweet Potato, Carrot, Apple Soup by Terri

    • Fall One-Sheet Roasted Vegetables by Terri

    • Fall Chopped Salad by Terri

    • Unite Meditation by Dan

    • Unite Book Recommendations (by John)

    • Unite playlist

  • 13

    December- Transcend


  • What does the Spiraling to Wellness Member Portal include?

    Each month content (our spiraling tools) will be released which include: Intro to the theme with Health Coach and Creator of the Spiraling to Wellness Series and Founder of Nourishing Storm Wellness Co., Kristin Ritter, as well as the following from the teachers and healers at the Storm(s) which include: Guided Meditations, Powerful Questions, Healing through Writing, Healing Rituals, Book Recommendations, Healing Eating Tips, Recipes, Pose of the Month tutorial, Spotify Playlist and more! Plus an invite to our monthly call over zoom (first Thursday at 7pm EST) to connect on our theme and all things new and good!

  • How much time will it take?

    By joining you can integrate the tools at any pace you like. If you are an active member you will get to all of the content from January 2020 {Choose} and on. And hopefully you can join us on a call the first Thursday of the month!

  • What are my pricing options?

    You can join monthly for $21 a month or join for the year for $222 and get a free copy of Spiraling to Wellness 1 or 2. If you are a Nourishing Storm Member you get free access to this course. Email to get access or for any additional questions. If you are joining monthly you can cancel your membership at any time. Just notify us that you want to cancel and we’ll stop all future charges. It’s as easy as that.